World Teacher’s Day Theme 2020

world teachers' day 2020 theme

World Teacher’s Day is an international compliance day that is celebrated on October 5th on every year. It was initiated by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) to not only offer gratitude for teachers all over the world but also to be used as a day to check and help teachers improve. It is also a day that is used to look at the unique problems that precisely affect teachers.

world teachers' day 2020 theme

While many countries have their own precise national teacher’s day, UNESCO feels that it’s necessary to observe the national problems that alter teachers from an international aspect.

After all, the world is producing global citizens, therefore, it’s necessary to have global teachers that can address and swap ideas from one country to the next.

Teacher’s Day Theme

The theme of the World Teacher’s Day for the year 2020 will be presented shortly by the United Nations.

Teacher’s Day Theme 2020

Theme 2019

In 2019, World Teachers’ Day celebrated teachers with the theme,

“Young Educators: The planned of the Profession.”

world teachers' day 2019 theme

The day provides the event to celebrate the teaching profession and to intention some of the problems for fascination and keeping the brightest young minds in the profession.

Teachers Day Themes for the previous years

  • Teachers Day Theme for 2018


For 2018, the UNESCO adopted the theme:

“The power to learning means the power to a competent educator.”

Teachers Day Theme for 2018

Teacher’s Day Theme for 2017

“Legitimize Teachers” is the theme for 2017.

Teacher’s Day Theme for 2017

Activities of Teacher’s Day

Teacher’s Day celebrations in school

  • On Teachers’ Day students perform distinct activities at schools and colleges to pay obligation and to charm, their teachers like a rendering of poems, singing, and also play games together.
  • Students bid gifts to teachers. Students can give a hand-written card or flower to their teacher.
  • On this day the relation between teacher and student may be enjoyed by meeting them or text them to make a memorable day.
  • Teachers are respected and honored in the event of the teacher’s day. Awards should be given to worthy teachers.


Facts of Teacher’s Day

  • Teacher’s Day is a global observance. It is not a public holiday.
  • UNESCO allocates a Theme for this Day every year.
  • More than 100 countries celebrate World Teachers’ Day and

each country holds its celebrations.

  • UNESCO has made the supply of faithful and efficient teachers

as one of its top preferences.

  • World Teachers’ Day is a convenience to advertise the teaching profession.
  • In 2002, Canada honored the World Teacher’s Day by declaring a postage stamp.

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