who is first teacher in the world?

Who is the World’s Best Teacher?

Kenyan Peter Tabichi, who has been teaching for 12 years, was recently named the best teacher in the world. He had awarded the US $1 million prize money.

Who was the first teacher in India?

Savitribai Phule (January 1831 – March 1897) was an Indian social reformer, educationalist, and poet from Maharashtra. She is regarded as the first female teacher in India. 

Who was the first teacher of children?

Mother is the child’s first teacher and father as the second teacher. Once the child is born the mother act as a teacher as well as a guide. She is the primary foundation, providing the child with security and love. We are the reflection of our first teacher that is father and mother. A child learns 50% from his mother and the remaining 50% from surroundings. It’s a long and painful process that every mother in this world would have faced starting from the initial stage of a child.

It is very easy for a plant to grow when it reaches a certain level, but when it is too small a lot of things have to be done. This is what we are. So we need to give love and respect to our parents.

Who taught the first teacher?

The first-ever teacher had no knowledge, to begin with, and no one to teach them.

So, with no knowledge and nothing to do in their life, they set out in the small world they knew to enlighten themselves.

Eventually, they learned from their experiences and began to pick up the fundamental knowledge that makes up what we know today. They learned how to eat, how to get heat, and how to survive. They became wiser through their journey and began to grow into an old, wise person.


The first teacher of what? Well, I have a long list of first teachers for this open question but I’ll try to keep it short and thanks for A2A

I strongly believe that I will continue to have first teachers until my last breath. Though I may not remember everyone and everything, I will never forget the ones that created a tempest in my teacup.

Here is a list of few that left an impact in my life.

Though my mom thought that she was the traditional Indian mom, little did she realize that she had so much to offer than any regular moms? She was my first teacher of confidence, will power, planning, courage, bravery, practicality, and the pathetic reality of domestic Indian households.

She was the first to teach me how to face the test of time. Her pessimism taught me to think of alternatives to a solution, optimism, and confidence. Whenever she said ‘What if this doesn’t work!?!’ I always thought of a backup plan B & C if A fails. Naturally having thought through failure and success, it gave me confidence and maturity to accept success humbly and not wallow over failures and move on.

Nature was the first teacher to teach me simple pleasures in life. It could be a simple one as taking an early morning walk with birds chirping happily, when the sun is slowly extending his warmth over mother earth, a cool breeze caressing your face and shaking hands with you as you walk. Or, watching the rain from your window. Nature was the first to teach me that you don’t need money or another person to stay happy

My dad was my first teacher of life skills, world affairs, general knowledge, he was the first to teach me handy work from tools to carpentry to mechanics. Though it felt like he was always slightly detached, he was always there to save his little damsel in distress. He was the first who taught me not to judge people because you never know what they have been through and people express emotions differently.

My language teacher at school was the first one to teach me that art or literature is not just of art’s sake but also for life’s sake. She made me realize that there is a life beyond science and money. Since that point of realization, I have sought answers in various forms of art viz., music, movies, books, writing. What she taught molded my mind to understand how art can be applied to life. Her teachings developed my interest in literature which later became my college majors.

My college gave me my friends for life. They were the first to teach me that it is totally normal to be eccentric with friends and that sometimes spending time with a friend is the world’s best therapy. They may not die for you like your parents but will definitely be in that mess together with you holding hands and still laughing about how we ended up here.LOL (p.s. just writing this brings a lot of memoirs from college; all the ruckus and good memories we made to together,  Love you, people.)

Literature has been my first teacher in a lot of instances. From my own experience and from conversations with friends, I clearly witness that every family has a story to tell and every family is going through something bad. The Facebook posts and glamorous Imgur or Instagram posts shows how good an actor we are. Yet again here is my literature that gave me this lesson like a decade back when I was enjoying my Shakespearean poetry totally clueless about what was in store.

I quote Shakespeare,

“All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players;

They have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts;”


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