What time does Halloween 2020 start?

A lot of people across the globe celebrate Halloween, which happens annually on October 31. It is the day before All Saints’ Day, and it’s also sometimes called All Hallows’ Eve and Hallowmas Eve. Costume parties are held and many children go trick-or-treating about that time of the year.

Here’s a chart that shows what day of the week Halloween is celebrated from 2017 – 2029.


What Time Can Trick-or-Treating Start on Halloween in 2020?

Kids of all ages can not wait to go trick-or-treating on Halloween. An evening that starts with getting dressed in creative, DIY Halloween costumes for kids or finest Halloween costumes for the whole family and finishes with loads of favorite Halloween candy (oh, the candy!) Is certainly worth getting excited about.

Since this season has seemed somewhat like a long episode of The Twilight Zone, a lot of parents (and kids especially) are likely wondering exactly what trick-or-treating resembles for Halloween 2020. The rules will probably alter some this year, so now more than ever, it is essential to consult local laws and rules for what time trick-or-treating begins and ends.

Whether you are taking your crew out and about or staying home to greet little ghouls and goblins, it’s important that you know when trick-or-treating will kick off, as beginning and end times differ from town to city. Broadly speaking, you can expect candy-hungry youngsters–particularly toddlers and early elementary-aged children –to appear in your door around sunset, or possibly a bit sooner (think between 5:30 p.m. and 6 p.m.). Will probably keep knocking until approximately 8 pm to 9 p.m., or the period mentioned by your regional curfew laws. Keep your front porch light on so long as you are prepared to accept trick-or-treaters. When curfew hits, you run out of candy, or you’re just ready to call it a night, turn off your light.


  • Atlanta: 6:46 PM
  • Baltimore: 6:07 PM
  • Boston: 5:39 PM
  • Chicago: 5:46 PM
  • Dallas: 6:37 PM
  • Houston: 6:36 PM
  • Los Angeles: 6:02 PM
  • Miami: 6:40 p.m.
  • Minneapolis: 6:03 PM
  • New Orleans: 6:14 PM
  • New York: 5:53 PM
  • Oklahoma City: 6:36 PM
  • St. Louis: 6:02 PM.
  • Salt Lake City: 6:25 PM
  • San Antonio: 6:49 PM
  • San Diego: 5:59 PM
  • San Francisco: 6:10 PM
  • Seattle: 5:53 PM suggest 4 PM. to 7 PM., on average.)
  • Washington: 6:09 PM suggest 5:30 PM. to 9:30 PM.)

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