Vintage Halloween Cards

Vintage Halloween Cards

Vintage Halloween cards

Hello, my friends! Today I have several styles of Vintage Halloween Cards with the new Monster Bash pack. This is a fun set of creepy foods that are Stamping ‘Up! Rest catalog.

Vintage Halloween Cards

Monster Bash Suite

This suite has a variety of fun foods to choose from. One of the first things that caught my eye was the coffin boxes. They are so easy to assemble and super fun to decorate. Small coffin holders deliver everything cut, clogged, and ready to assemble! There are 12 boxes and lids in each pack for some awful fun this Halloween.

In addition to the cool boxes of treats, decorative frames rushed at me in this suite. The abbreviations are absolutely amazing and I see them used for all kinds of cards, not just vintage Halloween cards. Scroll designs and vintage styling – right in my alley! There are 11 stamps in the set, and they are neatly applied to cards and decorate the coffin box!

All Halloween cards showcase many different ways of putting different decorative stamps together to create stunning effects. There are very few stampings on these cards. I know, sorry, but I just couldn’t help myself! I used beautiful decorative frames to cut out images from Monster Bash Designer Paper to decorate all these cards.

Vintage Halloween cards

Although I had a blast creating the first pair of vintage Halloween cards, these two were my favorites because I created them to send to a couple of my ghoul friends. The first card is just a 4 “x 4” piece of one of the scrolling templates from DSP Monster Bash, attached to a black card. The greeting is printed on a 1 “by 4” piece of white cardboard using Basic Gray ink. My favorite part of this card is the little latch pieces attached to the DSP. I just cut out a piece of black cardboard using one of the small decorative frames. Then I cut the cube in half and glued each piece to the side of the card. This creates the illusion of small vintage straps. You will find the belts on the old vintage chest.

The second card shows a new folder labeled “Stylish Scroll” on 5-1 / 4 “x 4” white cardboard. A 2 “x 4” piece of DSP is glued to the bottom of the white cardboard, and a piece of serrated tape is glued through the “seam” where the DSP meets the cardboard. The rest of the map is decorated with various stamps layered together. Richly embellished stamps and paper scrolls make for such a cool vintage look!

Hope you enjoyed these Vintage Halloween Card ideas! Join me on my Facebook page at 8:00 AM (Connecticut) today and I will tell you how to make these postcards. Also, I will show you how easy it is to assemble small coffin boxes.

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