Vampire Halloween costume

Vampire Halloween costume

Halloween vampire costume

This Halloween, why not dress up with the most iconic classic figure of all time: the vampire! It’s easy to get inspired when there are tons of famous vampires, including Count Dracula and Edward Cullen, and therefore the costumes are easy to assemble. In fact, we would go as far as saying this is one of the simplest last-minute Halloween costumes. No matter which vampire you choose as your inspiration, these DIY vampire costume options are sure to make you look great.

Vampire Halloween costume

We’ve rounded up five ways to create your own totally creepy Halloween vampire costumes. See how we’ve reimagined vampire costumes for teens, adults, and even your pet. And if you want more Halloween favourites, check out our favourite Halloween costumes of all time.

When you’re in a pinch, think about the basics: cape, dress, fangs, and you’ve got fake blood. Once you have these items, you will be grateful for making yourself a luxurious vampire costume. Luckily, you’ll get everything quickly on Amazon or your local party store.

Dress up like Kristen Stewart, the star of the Twilight adaptation. Black and red vampire costumes are feminine and mysterious. Men line up to be bitten and join you on the dark side when you wear a more revealing design. Take Dracula with you to come up with a costume concept that’s perfect for couples. Accessories like fangs and gothic makeup are available on our accessories page to make your female vampire costume look as attractive or scary as you are. Bring all the charm and romance of Twilight to your Halloween party in authentic-looking vampire outfit. Have fun, no matter how wonderful the party is, it has to end!

Vampire Costume Ideas & Accessories

Capture during the costume of the vampire you created

If you love these popular blood-sucking villains, then vampires are something you need to reconsider when. they really need to rethink the idea of “stay in power”!

They may be literally thousands of years old, but they are more popular than ever. From Twilight to Adventure to True Blood, the vampire is enjoying its 15 millionth minute of fame.

Get involved in our DIY vampire costume ideas – you’ll be ready to scare in no time. I never thought I’d say this, but the most important accessory is blood!

Vampire Halloween costume

Vampire costume for boy

Look, this is mini Robert Pattinson! Now find your boys’ equivalent search with thought and inspiration here.

DIY Lego Vampire Costume

With cardboard boxes and other recyclable materials, you’ll make this adorable DIY LEGO Lord Vampyre costume. It takes some effort, but as you will see, it is worth it.

Complete your DIY vampire costume with this vampire makeup tutorial from dope2111. Only then can you rock a sane vampire costume for your Halloween party!

Modern vampire costume for men

If you are a man who wants to knock out girls as a flamboyant vampire (a la Edward Cullen), this realistic vampire costume idea is really for you!

Whether it is for you, your child, or your man, a vampire costume should accompany the fang. You will now also make homemade vampire fangs with this video tutorial from Krystal Everdeen.

Vampire Couple Costumes
It’s good that vampires are modern too. You just have to get a sharp and haunting search for you and your man, and you are ready to go!

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