The office halloween costumes

The office halloween costumes

The Office Halloween Costumes

Office’s nine seasons have brought in as many iconic Halloween parties as Dunder Mifflin, and among dozens of employees over the past nine years, the math consists of … tons of costumes featured on the show.

The office halloween costumes

There are a time and a place to appreciate the best and worst imagery – perhaps even the potential for a spooky holiday release of The Dundies (held in Chile, of course). But now we’re talking about how to make your favourite characters look that way, regardless of whether they won the top prize in a coupon book in the Scranton area and saved $ 15,000. Looking at you, Oscar is a “rational consumer”.

This list does not include one of the most visited costumes in the series, The Joker Batman, portrayed by Creed, Dwight and Kevin in the Season 6 episode “Employee Transfer.” It’s a classic costume no doubt about it, but everyone knows that the villain wears a constant creepy smile, green hair, and a purple jacket – there are many more unique costumes for the show.

If the backdrop of your life is the continuous stream of all nine seasons of the hit TV series The Office, then, first of all, you are not alone. The office house is real. But second, can I invite you to celebrate your love of sitcoms with a lightweight Halloween costume called The Office so you can show your obsession with The Office to the world? The happy hated and outspoken weird employees of the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company are proud of this Halloween season.

The office halloween costumes
The office characters are very easy to imitate in the shape of a Halloween costume as, to be honest, most of them just don’t wear regular business casual office clothes. But with a few specific touches and exercises, you can be sure that your Office look will be recognizable and memorable. Heck, you can even get your best friends together for a fun Halloween Office party costume party.

Anyway, we’ve put together six easy peasy outfits to help you dress up as some of our favourite Office characters, as well as inspirational images from the most iconic episodes that every fan of the show will immediately recognize. Check out these “office” Halloween costumes that are easy to assemble.

Really, a really well-spent time shirt soaked in blood (worn by Creed)

Either you are a Creed fan or you are not. And if so, then you appreciate its “really, really good time” during the Season 9 Halloween Party. Fortunately, this hidden image of a serial killer is dangerously easy to obtain. Grab a khaki shirt and tie, whether it’s from your closet, grab a bottle of fake blood (for that $ 8 we have great reviews on Amazon), and get paint splatters outside or in an easy-to-clean area. Remember to splash out your face slightly. Then come to the party in bloody clothes and act like Creed.

Wendy of Wendy (Wear: Erin)

The office halloween costumes
If you’ve been Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz or Raggedy Ann for Halloweens in the past, this is your chance to double up. Wendy’s dress from Wendy’s outfit that Erin wore during Season 8 is very similar to what these characters wore. So if you want to follow a simple route and there is no dust in the basement, you can buy Dorothy’s costume ($ 40; online. Or, for a more modern and wearable version, opt for a white long sleeve blouse ($ 30; under a blue pinafore dress (from $ 14; Whichever you choose, you cannot forget the two most important elements: the raised braids, which you can also buy for $ 22 from Amazon, and the easily called Wendy tag. Draw in some freckles and you’re done. Just remember to remind everyone at the party that the spicy nuggets are back.

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