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In the field of education, we make a lot of effort when we celebrate and evaluate the successes of people who have made a significant contribution to the learning process. There is a “Director’s Day,” “A Week of Appreciation for Teachers,” and many other events in honor of those who work with students. But do you know schools where they celebrate the successes of those who provide us with work? What about Student Appreciation Week? Such appreciation means a lot. If you don’t believe this, try removing the “Teacher Acknowledgment Week” from the school calendar. (Do not worry: we do not propose to do this. We only ask you to consider the consequences.)

People have an innate need to measure their achievements. When they are valued, they work better, behave better, and do their best to achieve better results. Isn’t it great if there was a simple way to encourage students to learn better, behave better, and to show their best qualities? Perhaps now you are thinking: “We are already doing everything possible to show students how we value their efforts.” Good. Keep doing this. But along with this, think about the advisability of announcing one week during the school year, “A week of appreciation for students.”



Tell teachers what you intend to introduce at the school, “A week of appreciation for students.” Various events will be held throughout the week to demonstrate our appreciation to the students. Here are some ideas you might consider:

– Have a special meeting where teachers will entertain the students.

– In the classroom, every student can take the place of a teacher on any day of the week.

– One day of the week, they will give ice cream in the dining room.

– Arrange a “dressing day” when students will be allowed to dress in the same way as teachers.

– Offer free tickets to sporting events.

– Let local businessmen provide prizes for the drawing contest.

– Do not give homework all week.

– Add five minutes to each break.

– Place greeting cards at school.

– Let one of the teachers every day talk about why he (or she) is grateful (grateful) to his students.

– Send letters to all parents telling you how you value their students.

– Encourage teachers to conduct drawing contests with prizes for students every day.

– Encourage teachers to write thank-you notes for students.

– Let the teachers start their lessons every day by recognizing one or two things that they value in their students.

– Arrange a student forum where students will make suggestions for improving the learning process.

– Make badges for all teachers with the words “I value my students.”

“As administrators, attend classes for a week simply to tell students how you value them.”

Implementation Let the teachers take matters into their own hands this time. Appoint a commission that will be responsible for conducting the “Appreciation Week for Students”. These can be teachers of all disciplines who like to organize parties and various events. They will take great pleasure from this lesson, and you will be happy to observe their work.

Here are just a few ideas for posters that you can post at school:

We love you!

This week we devote to our students.

We thank you for choosing our school.

You should know that you are HIGH!

Students have their own CLASS!

We value our students!

Pupils, we love you,

And each class is our best class!

Do not be surprised if during the “Week of Appreciation for Students” you notice the following:

– Students began to behave better

– There were fewer disciplinary comments

– There were fewer complaints from teachers

– There were fewer complaints from parents

– Students became more satisfied

– Words or letters of thanks from students

– Words or letters of thanks from parents

– Words or letters of thanks from teachers

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