Printable Thank You Cards for Teachers

It’s always a good time to thank a teacher! In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, we put together these teacher thank-you cards. These printable cards are completely free, and they’re perfect for telling your favourite teacher or educator, just how much you appreciate them.

Messages from a Student

1. Thank you for all the motivational and positive words you’ve given me this year. I will forever remember how you made me feel more confident.

2. Thank you for always believing in me and never giving up even when things were tough for me to understand.

3. Keep calm; it’s the summer holidays?

4. I’ll never forget you, thank you for all the ways you made a difference.

5. Thank you for making me and my future look brighter!

6. You are an inspiration, Miss Johnson! Thank you for such a memorable year. The world needs more teachers like you!

7. I am grateful to you for everything you taught us this semester. I enjoyed our talks in class, and your assignments were hard, but I learned a lot from you. You’re the best teacher I’ve had. Thank you.

8. Thank you for challenging me to think further, work harder, and dream bigger. Without you, as my teacher, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve what I have. I don’t think people say thank you to teachers often enough. So I’ll say it once more: THANK YOU!

9. Words cannot express how much you have influenced me this term. You came into my life at a challenging time, and if it wasn’t for you being my teacher, I might have followed a dangerous path. Thank you for caring about me. I’ll always remember you.

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