Popular Halloween costume

Popular Halloween costume

Popular Halloween Costume

Halloween is just around the corner, so if you haven’t already, it’s time to figure out your costume.

The most popular suits in the United States are in September, so you know what to expect from the people who will be wearing October 31st.

To bring back the 1980s clothing, there is a popular suit for everyone this year.

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Popular Halloween costume

Which means it’s time to choose your Halloween costume

Identified the most popular costumes throughout the United States for the month of September. So, whether you want to go with the flow or stand out from the crowd, this list will help you decide what to wear on October 31st.


Whether colorful or shiny, unicorns were the 10th most popular search for Halloween costumes on Google in September.

The 1980s

Leggings, hair ties, and leg warmers are all the rage this Halloween. The clothing, inspired by the 1980s, was ranked 9th on Google’s list of most popular Halloween costumes in September.


This creepy killer doll was ranked # 8 on Google’s most searched search engine ranking in September.


The popular video game is likely to inspire a lot of costumes this Halloween, ranking 7th on Google.


Whether you’re doing it creepy or stupid, you’ll be in good company if you wear a clown costume this Halloween – there were five more searches in the US in September.


Costumes inspired by Disney’s Descendants will be commonplace this year as they were the fifth most searched Google search in September.

Popular Halloween costume


Many are looking for the Jurassic Channel for Halloween this year, as the dinosaur costume quest has cracked the top five.


Whether you’re a fan of comics or movies, Spider-Man was the third most popular Halloween costume search in September.


A classic Halloween costume, the witch was the second most popular costume in September.


With “IT Chapter Two” in theaters, “IT” Halloween costumes have been the most popular on Google in the United States.

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