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Halloween is a great time for a home party! Everyone comes in costumes and offers spooky decorations to set the mood for you. Decorating for a Halloween party is easy with our Halloween party decorations collection.

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We’ve got some Halloween Door Decoration ideas that are little fixes and goblins coming to your home on Halloween night! Whether you choose friendly jack-o-lanterns or amazing bats, everyone has a fun door idea. With just a few ingredients, such as wrinkled streamers, paper plates and plastic table covers, you can create an amazing Halloween door that trick-or-treaters won’t miss. Make a bold statement on your front porch with this affordable DIY Halloween craft. Shop for all the outdoor Halloween decorations to make your home unique!


Friendly Jack-o’-Lantern

  • Supply
  • Black plastic table cover
  • Cover Orange Plastic Table
  • Multicolor Stretch Spider Webs
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Double sided tape
  • Painter tape
  • Step 1


Mount the orange table cover to the front door using painters tape. Create cutouts around DockerNab by cutting out excess material. Cut out excess material from the table cover at the door ends for a perfect fit.

  • Step 2


Cut eyes, nose and mouth with black plastic table cover. Use a ruler to assist in creating custom-shaped jack-o-lantern features such as jaggery smile and triangle eyes. Mount the cutout on the orange plastic table cover using double sided tape.


Stretch and mount multicolor spiderwebs around the door frame for a fun, creepy look. Add pumpkins and other outdoor Halloween decorations to your porch for the full look.


Spooky Mummy

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