Happy Teachers Habits

Sometimes we have to fake happiness until it becomes a reality. If we want to be happy, maybe we could start doing what makes teachers happier.

We interviewed some of the happiest educators we know, and that’s what they told us. Common denominator? Positive daily habits. And habits are not only actions but also thoughts. (Phew, thoughts are harder to change than actions, sometimes! But it turns out it’s worth the effort.)

Try these 8 things!

  1. Keep certain hours completely out of school.


Teacher veterans are always trying to explain this to beginners. You should choose a time for yourself when school work/thoughts about it are not allowed.


  1. Wear clothing that makes you feel good.


Think it doesn’t matter? One English teacher said: “I love my red turtles with a pattern of blue turtles, along with a cotton gray jacket and gray and white oxfords. I know that my children appreciate brightness too. ”


  1. Think of yourself as a great teacher.


As we are motivated and inspired by quotes on social networks, we also need to try every day to make ourselves feel like a successful teacher. Happy teachers never forget that they are amazing educators in one of the most amazing and interesting places on the planet.


But what if you are not a legendary teacher yet? Focus on your successes (past and present). And remember that there are opportunities in changing your point of view, try new things. In addition, there are many ways to be great! Find your own, original path to greatness.


  1. VOTE and be politically active.


As our teacher friend Donna B says: “Be politically informed and use your voice in e-mails and phone calls to local politicians. Our voices are influential! ” Politics certainly has an impact on public schools, from testing content and funding curricula to teacher salaries.


  1. Always strive for a friendly and welcoming atmosphere in the classroom.


Teacher veterans say setting a friendly tone is key. Daily praise of each student’s good qualities, daily affirmations of class mottos, collaboration exercises, secret handshakes, and even daily positive stickers. A high school teacher says: “I have a colleague who puts flowers from his garden in a vase and the classical music of DJs. Children love him. ”


  1. Have a fun vacation.


Work hard, play hard. Leave time for a good rest. Teachers are the best vacationers. Travel with your family or friends to the resort or spend your holidays at home, but always with the company.


  1. Be positive, helpful colleagues every day.


You will reap what you sow, therefore, you need to sow positivity, helpfulness, support and help. It will return to you a hundredfold.

  1. Import your own joy.


There are two ways to do this. First: import the things you love on your day. One high school teacher says: “Gathering a delicious lunch ahead, I add my favorite details: funny napkins with food, for example. I also added my own quality coffee to a working coffee machine. ”

Second: you can often determine your own mood and the mood of others (one of the coolest things about being a person) by simply turning it. You can start, say, to smile, and since the smile is contagious, the environment will be on the same wavelength as you. It’s hard to suppress a smile when someone smiles.

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