Happy Teachers Day 2020 Beautiful Quotes and Messages

Dear teachers!

On this significant day, I would like to heartily congratulate you on your professional holiday!

The teacher profession at all times was the most significant. After all, it is you who teach us not only the sciences, but also such a simple, but from that no less significant thing, like the ability to live.

  • For a long time, it was from you that the young generations, just conscious of themselves, began their life’s journey. Thanks to you, the fragile chicks became eagles in various fields: Landau – in physics, Mendeleev – in chemistry, Parsnip – in literature, the list goes on and on, but each of the great people has the heroic accomplishments of a teacher who he felt, found and revealed a talent in once ordinary children.
  • You, along with your parents, are designers of baby showers, putting together and building in us good and such important qualities as nobility, benefactor, honour, patriotism, love for relatives, and respect for elders.
  • You can write a sea of ​​wishes: happiness, health, cheerful enthusiasm in your work, and all this, of course, is desired from the bottom of your heart. But first of all, I wish you an ocean of children’s smiles, which serve as an excellent measure of your gigantic work.
  • Happy holiday to you, beloved teachers, an endless stream of happy emotions, and success in your work!

With respect and sincere gratitude, co-chair of the Children’s Public Council under the Commissioner for the Rights of the Child in the Novosibirsk Region, student of grade 9 “B”, *************** **

“Learning is light, and ignorance is darkness,”

As you love this saying! Our beloved teachers, we do not have enough words to express all our gratitude to you for the knowledge that you shared with us. Thank you very much! You are such sensitive and responsive people because you teach us not only sciences but also life. And on Teacher’s Day, congratulations from us.

  • Let the sunshine in your life,
  • And may there be no evenings in it.
  • Your health, let it grow stronger every day,
  • And let love always live in your heart!

Be happy, our dear teachers! Give your knowledge to children, and in return let them give you respect and kindness! Happy holiday to you!


Dovolensky district

Very soon a wonderful holiday will come – Teacher’s Day! On this day, all schoolchildren and students congratulate their favorite teachers. Many who have long left the school and student bench remember their favorite teachers.

    The teaching profession is one of the most sought-after, necessary, but also the most difficult.

  •   To teach us not only to transfer one’s knowledge but also to devote oneself completely to people, strange children. It is necessary not only to know one’s subject perfectly but also to be able to find a common language with students; endure childish antics and always help these tomboys when needed.
  • Sometimes it seems to me that the teachers of our school have angelic patience. The guys in my class are funny and noisy, they can laugh at the lesson, joke, throw notes. But teachers never break down at us, do not scream. After the lessons, they are not in a hurry to go home, but, sitting at a table in the office, checking our notebooks, preparing for lessons, preparing events.

     Learning is not easy. It is necessary that you are not only respected, listened, understood, but you must also constantly improve yourself and keep up with progress and fashion. During the withering of cultural and moral values, the corruption of morals, ignorance of the history of their country, the task of the teacher is to educate the minds and hearts of students, to make them real citizens of their state. The teacher reveals to children the good wizard, not yet known to them with the ease and simplicity, blessing the vast knowledge of humanity with the light of his soul.

   So may there be more joyful moments, success, and, of course, diligent students in your life, dear teachers! I wish you all the very, very good, family happiness, respect on the part of society, and most importantly – health !!!

Teacher’s Day is approaching! I would like to congratulate all the teachers on this wonderful day. I want to wish you success in your work, obedient students, good luck, health, a sea of ​​positive, and happy. Let problems and failures pass you by. We, your students, are very pleased to receive from your knowledge, your wise advice. All the best to you! Happy Holiday!

The holiday is approaching –

  • Teacher’s Day. And I would like to congratulate my teacher of Russian language and literature, Kushko Nadezhda Vikentievna.
  • I like the relaxed atmosphere in the classroom, I like the way she tells us some stories from her teacher life.
  • She is always interesting and in great detail retells the plot of the works.

I like the way she expresses her opinion on a particular issue and always listens to our opinion. I especially like the way Nadezhda Vikentievna expresses emotions, telling stories as she speaks. This mocking – humorous tone! I want to wish her long life, creative success, and an understanding of students.

Composition: “My first and unique teacher”

I am in the second grade of Suzdal High School. School for us is like a second home, we spend most of the day in it. That is why all the teachers for us are like second moms, they are always with us. Of course, there are many teachers in our school, which I still have to learn about, but I want to talk about my first teacher, Olga Zhivova.

 Olga Alexandrovna cares, worries, and loves each of our classes. She teaches us not only to read and write but also to respect each other, hard work, friendship. She teaches lessons interestingly and is easy to understand. We like to listen to our teacher, we are happy to answer her questions. Sometimes we interrupt each other because everyone wants to express their opinion and be the first.

 Often at home, I call my mother by name, Olga Alexandrovna, and at school, I call Olga Alexandrovna by mother. The teacher does not make my comments about this, probably she also feels that I am. I try to study well so as not to upset my beloved teacher because I want to thank her for her hard work. Thank you for the knowledge that you give us and the kindness with which you relate to us. I want to be like you as a teacher.

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