Halloween Party Decorations

Halloween Party Decorations

Halloween Party Decorations

Spooky forest pudding cups

Of course, you need a damn good dessert to complete your spooky extravaganza. These pudding cups will delight your little guests.

Halloween Party Decorations

Halloween Mask Wreath

What’s a Halloween costume without a mask? That’s why we think this garland is a suitable and serial addition to your chilling Halloween Party decoration.

Make the Wreath: Source colorful vintage paper masks from sites like Etsy and eBay – you’ll need 10 to 15. Attach to an 18-inch craft ring with a dab of hot glue, layering, and applying on the go.

Morgue door

Enter if you dare! This morgue door decoration is sure to give your guests chills.
Make a door: Attach three pre-cut 20-inch pieces of styrofoam along with spray glue. Connect a piece of the cut-to-size black piece to the top of the foam center using spray adhesive. Insert a rectangular piece of two 6-inch stainless steel materials between the first and second cam lugs on one of the short side screws. Place the 6 1/2 “handle on the opposite side; “screw” in place. Cover showing borders of Styrofoam with silver duct tape folding any excess over the back. Make two more doors. stay to the door of the house with strong self-adhesive Velcro. Cut 5 boxes out of black and gray kraft paper.

Draw letters on the gray coffins with red acrylic paint to curse the morgue and attach to the black coffins with double-sided tape. lower the plastic chain over the door and hot glue the cutouts of the sarcophagus. Add a plastic planter base painted in Titanium Silver from Rust-Oleum and a Swiss cross.


Not only will this sweet corn oatmeal make a great Halloween craft for you and your kids, but it’s also the perfect accent for party decor. Hang it on your table or fireplace!

Make the oatmeal: start with a white paper plate, then draw a yellow acrylic border around the outer edge and then an orange one. Once the paint is dry, cut into triangles, punch holes and wrap with twine.

Halloween Party Decorations

Paper Lanterns

Carving a pumpkin is fun, but it can be very, very messy. Skip the game with these fun paper lanterns. All you need to do is cut out some of the facial features and stems from black and brown construction paper and then apply onto the orange honeycomb balls using glue dots.

Candy Corn Party Hat

If you don’t like scary things, this DIY is for you. Let your kids wear these adorable candy corn hats for your annual Halloween!

DIY Spooky Portrait Decor

This spooky craft becomes even more fun when you use real-life photos of friends and family – especially those who will be at your party. Just print them in black and white!

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