Halloween horror nights express pass

Halloween horror nights express pass

Halloween horror night one night

Can’t come to Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights (HHN) this year for more than one night, but still want to see it all? Today we have three different ways to see everything in one night, as well as some additional tips.

Halloween horror nights express pass

Strategy # 1: Arriving at 17:00 and using the holding’s premises.

If you have purchased a Scream Early Ticket, have daily access, or are an Annual Pass holder, you can use the waiting areas and queue before general admission begins. Find out more about these holdings

Here is the plan the Unofficial Universal Team uses most often:

Start in Springfield, USA. Since this waiting area is vacated from 5:30 pm to 6:00 pm, you can complete two houses before the gate opens. At 6:30 pm, complete another house at the back of the park.

For 2019, this is the House of 1000 corpses and depths of fear. Nightingales: Blood Pit opens at 6:30 pm and you will be one of the first in line.

Halloween horror nights express pass
After completing the third house, head towards E.T. Adventure and complete both houses in this area.

For 2019, these are a universal monster and graveyard games. You have made 5 houses so far.

Then head to the Today cafe and complete the house that is inside the Shrek building. Along the way, you will pass through two frightening areas.

For 2019, Vikings Undead and Vanity Ball act as fear zones. House of Killer Klowns from space.

Now go to Jimmy Fallon and complete the house inside. You will go through another zone of fear.

For 2019, that’s Yeti: Terror in the Yukon. And, the zone of fear – Zombieland Double Tap.

When leaving this house, immediately turn left and go to the queue behind the house next door.

For 2019, this is us, Jordan Peel.

So far, you have done everything except two houses – two of the most popular. Take care of one or the other right before the 50% off Express Passes go on sale. On evenings that are open until 1 am, it is 10 pm or 2 am, it is 11 pm.

For 2019, the two most popular homes are Ghostbusters and Stranger Things. The unofficial team usually goes to the Ghostbusters first.

Now go to the Fear Factor Stage and go through the fourth fear zone.

In 2019, this fear zone is Rob Zombie’s HellBilly Deluxe.

At this point, you’ll be back to finish another headlining house, or Ghostbusters or Stranger Things.

When you exit the event at the end of the night, you will go through the last fear zone.

For 2019, this is Anarch-Cade.

Feel free to stop along the way and indulge in food, drinks, shows, and shopping at the Tribute Store. For a complete list of everything on HHN in 2019

Strategy # 2: Buy an Express Pass

The Horrible Halloween Nights Express Pass works the same as the Daytime Express Pass. This is an additional cost to your HHN ticket, but it gives you access to shorter lines in homes. Express Pass guarantees that the standby time is half the standby time. For example, if there is a wait of 120 minutes at the Stranger Things house, someone with an express pass will wait 60 minutes. In practice, an express line is often much less than half the standby time.

Express Passes can be purchased online in advance, in person at an event or mid-event with a 50% discount. The cost of express passes depends on the expected attendance of the evening. Some HHN fans like to build as many houses as possible and then use the 50% off express pass to complete the most popular ones.

Halloween horror nights express pass
Strategy # 3: Take a RIP Tour

The RIP is an additional cost to the Halloween Horror Nights ticket. RIP Tour members are led by a one-stop VIP guide in front of each home line and receive information on events, homes, and fear zones. Upon completion of the tour, RIP Tour members receive an express pass for the remainder of the night.

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