Halloween door decorations

Halloween door decorations

Halloween door decorations

Chances are, your neighbors will be displaying their own Halloween decorations, and you’re not the type to slow down the friendly competition a bit, are you? From insanely cute furry monster creatures to defeat, to downright creepy Halloween crafts, some paper bats are all it takes! There is something here for every style and mood. Once you head into town at your doorstep, you can feel inspired enough to go all out and throw an epic Halloween party.

Halloween door decorations
Why waste time looking at these Halloween door decorating ideas, you are asking? Well go on Halloween, you have all the tricks or treats in town ready for your fall porch and you don’t have to be disappointed! Your front door shows visitors that yes, you have a rare piece of candy and are ready to share it.
You don’t need witchcraft to conjure up creative Halloween decorations, and you don’t need to spend tons of money on them! Here we’ve rounded up adorable homemade Halloween door decorations that will keep your front porch or audience door in search of a festive, fun, and just a little intimidating.

Frankenstein decoration

This exciting, simple venture requires only a few supplies, most of which are trash bags, paper plates that you probably already purchased at home.

Horror Roman Door Decoration

Before horror movies, there were horror movies. So why not now put a classic right on your Halloween door, especially if you’re wearing a book character costume?
Cut long thin square kraft paper pieces of different colors using red, gray, and black. Draw the titles of the books on paper in outline letters with gold pens. Fill in the box with a pen or gold acrylic paint. Attach to the door with double-sided tape. Add a huge bushel basket and a buffalo dough rug.

Monster Funny Door Decoration

More funny than scary, this strange monster door is perfect for families with kids.

Vintage mask wreath

Not sure what to do with your vintage Halloween masks? Make them into a unique wreath. Get colorful antique paper masks from sites like Etsy and eBay – you only need 8-10. Attach to a 16 ” craft ring with hot glue, layering, and layering on the go.
Universal pumpkin door hanger
Instead of a traditional wreath, have fun pumpkin season with this pliable piece.
Glamorous witch in decoration
Your hallway light will make this Halloween ornament on the doors sparkle and illuminate the path to the glittery materials used throughout.
Door wreath
Of course, you may need to eat all the Halloween sweets you can. However, it makes for the right decoration too. Is it the point? This cute wreath. Collect an assortment of old skool candies in shades of the autumn sun, including magenta, orange, and yellow. Wrap a 16 ” foam wreath in white tape. Apply sweet with hot glue, layering and overlapping as you go. Finish with a yellow burlap bow.

Candy Corn Doors Decorating

Halloween door decorations
Can’t figure out what to put on your door? Get inspired by your favorite Halloween chocolates like sweet corn. Create a soft corn blanket. Paint huge stripes using acrylic paint, we used cranberry, orange, mustard, and gray on thick artist paper. Once dry, shrink the triangles of equal length. Cut a 2-inch cut of the paper to match the color. Attach to the door with double-sided tape. Add whitewashed woven planters and “Lobster Rope” rug.

Many crows door decorations

Bats and black cats are everywhere in October. Why not spice up the sinister black crows anymore?

Monster exterior door decoration

This fluffy purple look, you have nothing to worry about, is roughly intimidating to the smallest tricks. Those bushy eyebrows and a toothbrush borrow the show. To make the eyes, draw black circles on the 8 ” Styrofoam balls; let dry. Paint with white highlights. Cut the lashes and eyebrows out of black foam. Cut 16 “squares and hot glue each round of a 12” Styrofoam wreath from three yards. faux pink fur eyeballs in the center and eyelashes on top. Add a string through the back of each eye to hang the fur-striped cabinet door using portions of double-sided tape.

Use Command Hooks to grab the eyes above the door. Glue or pin your eyebrows in place. Use foam bumps for the teeth and then attach the double-sided tape to the top of the door body.

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