Halloween coloring picture

Halloween coloring picture

1. The trick that died after being given cyanide candy.

In 1974, 8-year-old Timothy O’Brien passed away on Halloween night after eating cyanide candy. But the story takes an even more dire twist.

It turned out that the sweets were poisoned by Timmy’s father, Ronald, who was in financial trouble and took out insurance policies for his children. In addition to Timmy, Ronald O’Brien gave poisoned sweets to four other children, including his daughter Elizabeth. thank

2. Suicide is mistaken for Halloween decoration.

Halloween coloring picture
In 2005, a 42-year-old woman in Delaware committed suicide by hanging herself from a tree across the street from a residential area. Although the body was easily visible to passers-by and passing vehicles, no one called the police for hours. What for? They assumed the woman swinging in the wind was a Halloween decoration.

3. The man who showed up at the Halloween party dressed up as Freddy Krueger and flew into a rage.

A Halloween party in San Antonio, Texas went into full swing last year when a man dressed as Freddy Krueger showed up uninvited.

4. The son who decapitated his mother and left her body in the street.

One night in Long Island, shortly before Halloween 2014, a headless body lay in the street five feet from the severed head. To many passers-by, this horrible site seemed like a Halloween joke, but the truth was far more disturbing. Derek Ward, 35, used a kitchen knife to kill and behead his mother, Patricia, then removed the body and head from his apartment. Leaving his body and head in the street, Ward jumped in front of the commuter train, killing himself.

5. Incredible explosion at the festive show.

In 1963, many Hoosiers decided to spend Halloween night at the Indiana State Fair Coliseum watching an ice skating exhibit. Unbeknownst to them, a rusty tank in the concession area began leaking gas. The room, which had no ventilation, was quickly filled with gas.

As the skaters had their final finals, the gas reached the electric popcorn maker, causing a huge explosion. Seventy-four people were killed and about 400 were injured.

6. A Japanese exchange student who knocked on the wrong door.

Twenty-five years ago, 16-year-old Japanese exchange student Yoshihiro Hattori dressed up as the John Travolta character from Saturday Fever and then went to a Halloween party in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Unfortunately, he was mistakenly dropped off at the wrong house, and the owner, in a panic from this unexpected visitor, shot Hattori. The homeowner was later acquitted of any violation.

Halloween coloring picture

Hattori’s mother, Mieko, commented on the twentieth anniversary of her son’s death: “I have watched American society for the past 20 years. The current situation there was incomprehensible to the Japanese. I want to encourage more ways to take control of weapons. ”

7. An intruder who – in the same mask worn by the killers in the movie “The Scream” – killed a man.

In Scream, masked ghost killers brutally murdered people in their city. On Halloween night in 2013, someone wearing the same ghost mask shot and killed 19-year-old Anthony Siriberi and fled into a New York night.

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