Halloween advent calendar

Halloween advent calendar

Halloween Advent Calendar

Advent calendars, which feature paper doors that more widely reveal chocolate or other goodies these days, are not just a Christmas tradition used to count days. No, no, no, my friend; Halloween Advent Calendars are a thing ~ and we’re 100 per cent on board with this holiday transition.

Halloween advent calendar

A quick history lesson before we get to what you came for Advent calendars date from the mid-19th century. While the first known Advent calendar was created by hand in 1851, and the first printed Advent calendar was released in the early 1900s, historians believe that Advent has been celebrated since the 4th century. German Protestants used to draw with chalk on doors every day before Christmas.

Again, Advent calendars are traditionally a Christmas tradition, but this is 2019, and we decided to adopt it even at the beginning of the year: count the days leading up to Halloween.

Halloween Advent calendars range from creepy haunted house-shaped calendars to elaborate ones with tiny boxes that pop up to reveal a spooky treat (or, you know, Reese’s pumpkins) – and everything in between.

Ahead, we’ve rounded up some of the best Halloween calendars we could find.
Although Halloween hasn’t been lasting for a few more months, that doesn’t mean we can’t get ready for it, right? For those of you who consider yourself super fans of the sinister season, we have the perfect interactive home decor to celebrate Halloween throughout October – the Advent calendar.

Okay, okay, so traditional Advent calendars should count the days to Christmas. I understand that every day on the calendar from the first day of the month contains a tiny trinket or gift to make Christmas even more fun, but add this All Saints Eve build-up, and you get October 31st that you’ll never forget.

Halloween advent calendar

Halloween is often decorated to look like haunted houses full of creepy windows and ghosts. Hanging around, here’s another reason you should add a spooky Advent calendar to your annual traditions: you can download any location with your favourite Halloween treats. And what could be better than being surprised by Reese in the shape of a pumpkin before Halloween? It’s true – nothing.
Sites like Etsy sell a few custom Halloween Advent calendars (trinkets and sweets, for your information), but there are also a ton of blank DIY Advent calendars you can create of your choice so you can make it creepy or as sweet as you want.
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