Halloween 2020

Halloween is a celebration in the remember of the dead on the evening of October 31 every year. The name All Hallows Day (sometimes called Halloween) is the contraction of All Hallows Even (ING), meaning the evening of All Saints, the evening before All Saints Day.

Saints have been historically also known as a hallow, is derived from the Old English word halig, and is related to the German word Heilig, meaning sacred.

Halloween is a blend of rituals of pagan and Christian origin. It commemorates the end of the harvest from an ancient Celtic seasonal festival (known as the Samhain) and remembers of the dead celebrated on October 31st sunset to November 1, sunset.

Not an official holiday, it is celebrated in many countries around the world, mainly in the West (North America and Europe), but also in Asia, where it is growing rapidly because it offers commercial opportunities. In the United States, it is projected to be the second-largest festival of consumer spending after Christmas.

November 1st is Halloween All Saints Day (be on the alert for it) and November 2 is All Souls Day. Three Days of Remembrance of the Dead with the Triduum (a three-day religious ritual). People traditionally visit the graves of deceased relatives during this period. It belongs to the Mexican Holiday Day of the Dead.

Origin of the Halloween

The word Halloween or Hallowe’en has a Christian origin of 1745. Hallowe’en means Saint evening and “Hallow” means Saint. “Even” means Eve for Scottish and was later reduced to” E’NN “or” EEN. “. So, it changed to Halloween.

Halloween All Over the World

Halloween all over the world is an annual occasion on October 31st.On Halloween evening, many children in the world in Halloween wear costumes playing “trick or treat” in their neighbourhood.

Other popular Halloween activities include Halloween costume parties and pumpkin sculptures.

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