Halloween 2020 arts and crafts

Even tiny hands can make these adorable Halloween decorations—with supervision from Mom or Dad, of course.

Spider Web Plates

Have toddlers practice excellent motor skills by threading white yarn through holes you’ve punched into a black paper plate to create this simple spider web craft from Anne Lily Design. Finish with foam spider stickers.



Halloween Kid Craft Paper Pumpkins

Directions for making a spooky, Halloween pumpkin decoration from paper.

Paper Pumpkins

These easy pumpkins sparked by paper-chain dolls let kids create a string of happy faces. Using the model, cut out the shape. For regular features, cut them from a sheet of black paper folded in half. Attach them with a glue stick.

Spiderweb Sacks

Build these gross-yet-gorgeous spiderweb sacks from Event day World Messy Kids with water balloons, white yarn, and craft glue. Attach some plastic spiders for extra creepiness.


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