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Easy DIY Candy Costumes for the Whole Family

From trick-or-treating to Halloween parties, whether you’ve got kids in tow or are enjoying a grownup version of the spooky-sweet vacation, there is no end to the opportunities to gratify that October 31.

Candy-themed costumes! And should you like a good DIY project, even better? This Halloween, you do not have to wait for the doorbell to ring to get your candies on. With these simple DIY candy costumes we have put together, you can wear the sweetness also.

So without further ado, check out these seven simple DIY candy costumes that work for any age.


Cotton Candy

Most versions of a cotton candy costume require you to do nothing more than attach a lot of cotton stuffing to a top or dress and call it a day. If that’s not easy, nothing is.

The tricky part is getting the color right. Because poly-fil (cotton-like stuffing) is normally white, you ought to spray paint it pink or blue to give it a cotton candies look. Have a look at this kid-friendly variant of the costume to learn how to safely color and attach the poly-fil to pink or blue clothes.

For the last touch, create a very long white cone-shaped hat or headband to function as the”rod” at a stick of cotton candy.

Hershey Kiss: 

There are lots of approaches to interpreting this classic DIY candy costume, but no matter what, you ought to wrap yourself in some shimmery silver cloth OR straight-up aluminum foil.

If you craft a dress, shirt, or cone-shaped garment to go about your clothing, it’s really up to you, your skills, and your budget.

The one crucial element of this Hershey Kiss costume, though, is the foil hat. Some indicate attaching foil-covered cardboard to a headband. You can also cover a cone-shaped birthday hat in foil, or use fabric instead of aluminum foil.

Subsequently, of course, combine a white ribbon with the phrase”KISSES” printed in blue to the tip of this hat. There you have it a costume that works for individuals, groups, adults, and kids alike!

Bag of Jellybeans

We LOVE this innovative yet super easy DIY candy costume to get a Bag of Jellybeans because it works so well for adults or kids. You will be amazed how easy it is to transform yourself into a literal bag of”Jellybeans.”

First, catch a clear plastic garbage bag and cut back leg and armholes. You will wear the bag over your laundry, kind of like a leotard, with the introduction of the bag tied around your neck.

Then, the labels: Insert out nutritional information to attach to the bag of the bag, along with the Jellybeans logo to attach to the front.

Finally, fill the bag with multi-colored balloons and tie the bag around your neck with ribbon. Then just make sure that you steer clear of any sharp objects all night… Hopefully, your very best friend is not likely to dress like Edward Scissorhands!


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