Best Wishes on Teacher’s Day 2020 | Special Wishes on Teacher’s Day 2020

At the beginning of October, in our country, as in other countries of the world, they celebrate a wonderful holiday Teacher’s Day. This is a great occasion to thank your teachers, say important, kind words, give a bouquet of beautiful flowers.

A teacher is not only a person who teaches science but also one of the main people who lay important milestones of morality. On the shoulders of teachers lies an important mission – the education of the young generation.

Their knowledge and experience, the continuity of traditions, and innovation are the basis of any educational institutions, especially schools.

We picked up some of the best wishes for Teacher’s Day, which you can use in your postcards, in a card for a bouquet of flowers, and just in a congratulatory speech to a dear teacher.

Top 15 Congratulations and Wishes on Teacher’s Day

We wish that health did not fail, the mood was always on top. Let the family be warm and comfortable. Let wisdom be multiplied, and success befitting, and autumn flowers, please.


  • We see each other at school every day. And it does not occur to us in the bustle of school days to thank you for your concern. But on this bright holiday, we solemnly promise that we will always listen to your advice, carefully listen to your lesson and try not to upset you with bad marks. And of course, give flowers to remind you of your appreciation, which is not always noticeable at first sight.


  • May there be many opportunities in life for the realization of your ideas. May the soul live in joy, and the heartbeats with love and inspiration.


  • Congratulations, best wishes, and this original bouquet as a token of gratitude. Let your invaluable experience help our children grow up worthy and wise people. We wish you health, energy, strength, and patience. Let positive, pleasant communication and interesting events decorate your life. Happy holiday!


  • Dear teacher, our friendly class thanks you for the daily hard work on our personalities! We admire you: for perseverance and serenity, for love and patience, for wise advice and competent training!


  • We sincerely wish you many more years to successfully deal with such an important matter as the education and upbringing of the younger generation. Let your experience help your students to get exactly the knowledge that is most useful to them in life. Be healthy and happy, and let the people around you bring only positive emotions!


  • Dear teacher, you are our captain! We are all in your safe hands. And whoever we become in adulthood: scientists, doctors, politicians or builders … we promise that we will remember your valuable instructions because we will always be your sailors, whom you took with you on your first voyage into the world of knowledge.
  • We are grateful that you give our children those sparks of kindness and wisdom, thanks to which their world becomes brighter. You are a man with a big open soul. May the flow of energy in your heart never run out!
  • We wish you good health, strength, and nerves stronger than steel. So that our mischievous boys and girls never upset you. We wish you only happy days and smiles. Let new stars constantly light up in your sky!
  • Thank you for your work, warmth, and care. Let comfort and harmony be at home. And let there be no sadness in your life. You are our favorite teacher.
  • Through the years we will carry the memory of these wonderful school days spent at desks in unforgettable, informative and very interesting lessons.
  • Thank you for your golden character and great patience. May success and inspiration always accompany. We wish you only good days. Bright joyful events. Good health. Inexhaustible enthusiasm.
  • Let your career move only up, and your salary will certainly increase. And all dreams come true!

  • We know how difficult it is to keep children in a strong, tough bridle, to teach eternal truths, so we appreciate your work. And we wish obedient students who understand their parents. Let the children appreciate your efforts as a grateful audience and present you with bouquets of flowers not only on Teacher’s Day!
  • You are almost a parent, friend, and mentor in my life. And if I were asked who I would like to be like, then I would answer that I would learn a lot from you. And I hope I succeed.
  • Teachers carry the light of knowledge, a scattering of valuable advice. I wish the students were always ready to listen to you! Otherwise, they will miss a lot of important and interesting things in their life.
  • Your work is one of the most important in our world. I wish you health, dear teachers. And may the vases in your houses always be filled with bouquets of the most beautiful roses, lilies, hydrangeas … from grateful students.
  • Now it’s hard to work at school. The level of knowledge is growing, and salaries are not very. Let your work be appreciated by all. And students, and parents, and leaders, and the government. Let the best time come for you now!

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