Teacher’s Day is coming! If the only phrase you know in English to express gratitude is “Thank you for
your hard work!” (“Thank you for your hard work!”), It’s time to read our article and maybe even write a
short letter to your beloved teacher.

Handwritten thank-you note
We do not often write letters by hand, so any such message will be perceived as a manifestation of
special attention to the addressee. But, if you have already finished studying or for some other reason
cannot transfer a handwritten note to a teacher, an email or SMS will also be appropriate.

Remember the details
Looking back, what changes in your life did your teacher make? Write down words that describe your
the impression of your school years in his or her class.

We begin to write a letter!
Greet the teacher at the beginning of your letter. It will be quite appropriate to contact your teacher as
you did in class.

Tell the teacher in a few simple sentences why you are grateful. Try to recall an example from your own
experience, for sure there will be at least one.

However, how to write about it in English? We have prepared several phrases to express our
gratitude to the teacher.

1. Thank you for encouraging me when I was struggling. Thank you for encouraging me when it was
difficult for me.

2. Your class taught me how to be a better student. Your lessons taught me how to learn.

3. You helped me see what I could be. You helped me see who I can become.

4. I really don’t know what I would have done without your help. I don’t know what I would do without
your help.

5. You stood by me when I most needed it. It’ll always appreciate that. You believed in me when I
needed it. I will always be grateful to you for this.

6. We all like having you as our teacher. You have our respect and gratefulness. We all really enjoyed
learning from you. We have respect and thank you.

7. You have been a qualified teacher and simply a good friend. Thank you for all that you have done.
You were a great teacher and just a friend. Thank you for all that you have done for us.

8. Thank you for making learning not a dull thing but a great joy. Thank you for turning the boring study
into an exciting process.

9. You are the best teacher ever! You are the best teacher!

10. I will never forget you. I do not forget.

Sign a letter
Thank the teacher again and sign the letter. In English, there are several stable expressions that are
used at the end of the letter, for example:

Sincerely (Sincerely yours)
Kind regards With (Regards)
Warmest regards ( Best regards)
Truly Yours (Sincerely, (a))
Thanks deepest Our (With thanks)
Choose the one that is closer to you.

Sample Email
We have chosen an example of a letter of gratitude to the teacher for you so that you can better
understand what a finished letter is.

Dear Teacher

Thank you so much for helping me with my writing. I can write my little q’s, g’s, f’s, and k’s so much better
now. You were very nice to help me and very patient when I didn’t understand how to make them look
right. Thank you for always doing everything that you can to help your students improve. I hope I have

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