Best Teachers Day Quotes 2020


 “I want you to be a happy teacher rather than a good teacher” means that if the teacher is happy and not smiling, he or she cannot give good energy to the child, and the teacher says “Todai does not pass the student to GMARK “Cha” and “must have an illness” on the mast, I’m not happy at all. I think the teacher is looking for a good thing, saying “This is fun” or “Oh, this child’s smile is happy”, and what I am doing because it is happy will bring up happy students. I think a school is a happy place, and children go to school to be happy”

It’s a word with implications. However, a “happy teacher” is not a “noisy teacher.” Kitamura-san talks about his ideal teacher as follows. “I want you to be a “teacher” who can show your weaknesses and ask for help while saying “help” around me, and a teacher who can forgive my mistake but still be a model to live.”


 A “happy teacher” is a teacher who can show his weakness and can forgive the people around him. I felt that true “happiness” was born from “forgiveness” of oneself and others.


“Everyone knows that for the money you can buy shoes, but not happiness, food, but not appetite, bed, but not sleep, medicine, but not health, servants, but not friends, entertainment, but no joy, teachers, but not mind. “


“Behold the structure of this world, listen to the words of the wise, and accept all that is good and good as your own. Based on this, open your own door to the truth. Do not look at the truth that is right in front of you.


“Study the flow of water in a stream that smoothly and freely envelops stones. Learn from holy books and wise people. Everything around – even mountains, rivers, grasses, and trees – should become your teacher. “


“A student of Zi-Lu asked how to honour spirits. The teacher said: “You still do not know how to serve people, how can you serve the spirits?” “


“And the merging of heaven and hell lights – I imagined in heaven in the old days. But the Teacher said: “You look into yourself – Hell and paradise, aren’t they always with you?” “


“The attitude of the state towards the teacher is a state policy that indicates either the strength of the state or its weakness.”


“The one who correctly points out my mistakes is my teacher; the one who correctly marks my righteous deeds is my friend; the one who flatters me is my enemy. “


“Educators” … have a miserable look. At best, these are people who are rich in the field of their subject, who from early morning until late evening drive from school to school to Learn more. In other cases, and in most cases.

”these are workers tormented by want, powerlessness, and family atmosphere … who are somehow dressed and have some kind of apartment? The teacher receives a salary, which is almost equal to the salary of a city cleaner or janitor, but the janitor receives clothes, and the teacher doesn’t … Naturally, a person who is so weak in his personal data that he can’t get any other job can go to this job. »“

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