Best motivational Teachers Quotes 2020

Elena Blavatsky : 

Seeds that fall into good soil produce a hundredfold amount of good fruit and in any case compensate for the loss of those seeds that fell on the side of the road, hit stone hearts and were lost among the prickly weeds of human passions. The task of the sower is to choose the best soil for future fruiting trees.

Elena Blavatsky : 

Let everyone first become what he teaches others to be.

Vasily Klyuchevsky : 

To be a good teacher, you need to love what you teach and to love those you teach.

Alexander Aronov : 

The secret of the teacher is that it is impossible to teach. The secret of the ruler is that you can’t control …

Oleg Tabakov : 

The secret of pedagogy is simple: how much you spend on students’ time, soul, health, life – you will get so much as a result.

John Locke : 

A mentor is easier to command than to teach. Valery Lobanovsky:  The coach must learn all his life. If you become stubborn, stop studying, it means you have ceased to be a coach.

Baurzhan Toyshibekov : 

Only the teacher in whom the student has not yet died is good.

Otto von Bismarck : 

The attitude of the state towards the teacher is a state policy that indicates either the strength of the state or its weakness.

Michel de Montaigne : 

It takes more mind to train another than to learn it yourself.

Mendeleev :

All the pride of the teacher in the students, in the growth of the seeds he sowed.

Maxim Gorky : 

A teacher, if honest, should always be an attentive student.

Stas Yankovsky : 

It is necessary to look at teachers without taking their eyes off and listen to them without taking their ears off.

Ashot Nadanyan : 

A coach is a crane, a student is a building under construction. Even rising above the crane, the building needs it if it wants to become a skyscraper.

Karl Marx :

The teacher himself must be brought up.

Karl Kraus :

 What the teachers digest, the pupils eat.

 Vissarion Belinsky : 

The student will never surpass the teacher if he sees in him a pattern and not an opponent.

IN AND. Dal : 

The teacher himself must be what he wants to make the pupil.

Joseph Joubert : 

To teach is to double study.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau : 

Our true teachers are experience and feeling.

Richard Bach : 

The merits of a teacher cannot be judged by the size of the crowd following him. Saadi:  The teacher’s insult is better than the father’s tenderness.


Clausewitz : 

Great examples are the best mentors.

Anatoly Wasserman : 

Who knows how – does; he who does not know how to teach; who does not know how to teach, teaches teachers. Augustine “Blessed”

(Aurelius) :

 I convinced myself that more trust should be given to those who teach, and not to those who command.

Plato : 

The book is a dumb teacher. Sergey Lozunko:  To teach and to teach are, as they say in Odessa, two big differences. Sergey Lozunko:  The teacher’s value is not in what his own volume of knowledge is, but in how much knowledge he was able to pass on to his students.

Sun Tzu : 

The one who correctly points out my mistakes is my teacher; the one who correctly marks my righteous deeds is my friend; the one who flatters me is my enemy.

Cicero : 

What they themselves do not know is taught to others.


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