Best inspirational Teacher Quote 2020

“He who comprehends the new, cherishing the old, he can be a teacher …”



“Teacher and student grow together …”



“The consent between the teacher and the student, the ease of learning, and the ability for the student to think for themselves constitute what is called skillful mentoring …”



“The hardest part of learning is learning to honor the teacher. But only honoring the mentor, you can adopt his truth. And only by adopting the truth, people are able to honor science. Therefore, according to the ritual, even a teacher called to the sovereign does not bow to him – so highly ancient honors of the teacher … ”


“Teaching others, we learn ourselves …”

(L. Seneca)


“Pupils should seek the approval of the teacher, not the teacher – the approval of the students …”

(M. Quintilian)


“What can be more honest and noble, how to teach others what you yourself know best …”

(M. Quintilian)


“It is a great misfortune when a teacher’s techniques discourage a child from any desire for knowledge before he can understand the reasonable grounds on which he should love them. The first step on the path to education is an attachment to your mentor … ”

(Z. Rotterdam)


“To teach another, it takes more intelligence than to learn yourself …”

(M. Montaigne)


“Let it be an eternal law: to teach and learn everything through examples, instructions, and practical application …”

(N. A. Cominsky)


“The one who considers it necessary to teach children is not completely unreasonable, not to the extent that they can learn, but to the extent that he himself desires …”

(N. A. Comensky)


“He who knows little can also teach small things …”

(N. A. Comensky)


“The greatest mistake in education is excessive haste …”

(J.-J. Rousseau)


“Education and only education is the goal of the school …”

(I. Pestalozzi)


“A teacher, the way of his thoughts, is the most important thing in any training and education …”

(A. Disterweg)


“A bad teacher presents the truth, a good one teaches us to find it …”

(A Disterweg)


“Good teachers create good students …”

(M. Ostrogradsky)


“The teacher himself must be what he wants to make the pupil …”

(V. Dahl)


“Be yourself both a man and a baby in order to teach a child …”

(V. Odoevsky)


“There is nothing insignificant in upbringing …”

(N. Pirogov)


“All thinkers, I think, have come to the conclusion that education must begin with a cradle …”

(N. Pirogov)


“No mentor should forget that his main duty is to teach the pupils to mental work and that this duty is more important than the transfer of the subject itself …”

(K. Ushinsky)


“If pedagogy wants to educate a person in all respects, then she must first recognize him in all respects too …”

(K. Ushinsky)


“The teacher is not an official; and if he is an official, then he is not an educator … ”

(K. Ushinsky)


“If a teacher has only a love of work, he will be a good teacher. If the teacher has only love for the student, like father, mother, he will be better than the teacher who has read all the books but has no love for the work or for the students. If a teacher combines a love for work and for students, he is a perfect teacher … ”

(L. Tolstoy)


“A teacher’s calling is a high and noble calling. Not the teacher who receives the upbringing and education of the teacher, but the one who has the inner confidence that he is, should and cannot be otherwise. This confidence is rare and can only be proved by the sacrifices a person brings to his calling … ”

(L. Tolstoy)


“The easier it is for a teacher to learn, the more difficult it is for students to learn …”

(L. Tolstoy)


“All the pride of the teacher in the students, in the growth of the seeds he sowed …”

(D. Mendeleev)


“The teacher touches eternity: no one can tell where his influence ends …”

(G. Adams)


“To be a good teacher, you need to love what you teach and to love those you teach …”

(V. Klyuchevsky )


“A teacher who can empower his students with the ability to find joy in work should be crowned with laurels …”

(E. Hubbard)


“If you only knew how necessary a good, intelligent, educated teacher is for the Russian countryside! In Russia, it needs to be put in some special conditions, and this should be done sooner if we understand that without a broad education of the people, the state will fall apart like a house built of poorly burned bricks! ”

(A. Chekhov)


“School teachers have the power that prime ministers can only dream of …”

(W. Churchill)


“The lower the spiritual level of the educator, the colorless his moral appearance, the more worries about his peace and comforts, the more he issues orders and prohibitions dictated allegedly by concern for the welfare of children …”

(Y. Korchak)


“A teacher must be, first of all, a person. Love not school, but children who come to school, love not books about reality, but reality itself … ”

(P. Blonsky)

“Everything that you need to know cannot be taught, a teacher can do only one thing – point the way …”

(R. Aldington)


“Where there is a good teacher, there are well-educated students …”

(D. Likhachev)


“The teacher is not one who teaches; full of such people in the world. A teacher is one who feels like a student is learning. Which has light in his head – because he is a teacher, and dark – because he is a student. Only understanding, feeling this darkness, you can break through it and bring the child to the light – to brighten his mind, enlighten it … “

(S. Soloveichik)


“The teacher is not a mediator between the world and the children, no, he is on the side of the children, he is with them and at the head of them. His goal is not children, as everyone thinks, but the world, which he improves with the children. The purpose of upbringing is not in upbringing, not in “purposeful influence”, but, in general, together with children, improving the general life … ”

(S. Soloveichik)


“Education is an art, and therefore without a free educator, there is no art of education. Pedagogy – the science of the free art of educating a free person … “

(S. Soloveichik)


“Teacher, be the sun radiating human warmth, be soil rich in enzymes of human feelings, and this knowledge is not only in the memory and consciousness of your students but also in their souls and hearts …”

(S. Amonashvili)

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