Baby halloween costumes

Baby halloween costumes

Whether you want to dress your kid up as a favorite cartoon man or woman they love to watch every morning, or as one of those wonderfully adorable animals they always see outside, you can find all the top-notch costumes for 2020 right here.
Halloween could be here before then. Make sure your child gets ready for their first Halloween dress! What better place to buy your kid’s basic Halloween costume than Spirit Halloween? We’ve got tons of Halloween baby costume ideas for 2020 featuring popular kids characters like Horton Hears, Who, Batman, Woody, and Cinderella.

Baby halloween costumes
Kids Halloween Costumes

Pick up traditional girls’ costumes like Alice in Wonderland Dress or Little Red Riding Hood. Or check out our tough toddler costumes like Greaser or Batman for your kid’s son.
Find your little one under the cutest baby costume! We have newborn outfit sizes and 18-month dress for your developing baby.

Baby Sesame Streetwear

Your child may not be able to tell you how to get to Sesame Street yet, but you can still dress them up and lead the way! Dress up your toddler as Elmo and tickle them to see the cutest babies laugh. And since they’re too young to experience true treasures of trick or treating, dress them up like a Cookie Monster, surround them with their favourite treats, and show them off to the entire community for them to see!

Funny kids costumes

There is nothing taller than putting your little one on a funny Halloween costume, especially after you don’t know what he’s wearing! If your tiny little man was born right before Halloween, let the world know that your little one spent nine months inside and you put him in a black and white striped prison dress.
If they are so small and you want to keep them warm and cosy, put them in your oatmeal! Our Tomato Ketchup Oatmeal and Popcorn Oatmeal are fun yet so delicious. Do you think they seem old for their age? Play by dressing them up as little grandpa or little grandma! Everyone in the community is enjoying this!

Children’s animal costumes

Monkeys, tigers, and elephants. Oh my God! Watch them play out or decide for themselves, or attend the Halloween birthday celebration as a group of wild animals. Not interested in dressing them up like real animals? Go for something more magic like a dinosaur or a dragon! Unicorn costumes might even be pretty famous in 2020!

Baby halloween costumes
Superhero costumes for kids

Want your child to save the day? Dress her or him as Spider-Man, Batman, or even Batgirl. It’s a Harley Quinn dress! Need to be a little more formal? Clark Kent’s fine spending, including the bottom-looking Superman outfit, will be accurate. Everyone will be thrilled when they take a picture of your young child trying to push the bad guys away.

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