Ariana Grande Halloween costume

Ariana Grande Halloween costume

Ariana Grande Halloween Costume

Ariana Grande’s Halloween costumes over the years

Ariana Grande kills Halloween every year

Ariana Grande is the queen of outfits and when it comes to Halloween, she’s only more likely to steal the spotlight.

Ariana Grande Halloween costume

For 26 years, the 26-year-old singer “Don’t Call Me An Angel” has had many images.

Let’s take a look at some …

Ariana Grande Fans Plan To Dress Like A Don’t Call Me An Angel Singer For Halloween

Twilight zone

Ari went out of his way for 2019 after donning full prosthetics to emulate the black and white sci-fi series, The Twilight Zone.

Paying homage to their episode, Eye Of The Beholder, she broke the internet with a bizarre look and fans praised him as this year’s winner.

An episode of the 1950s show, in which an outfit changed clothes, sees a woman wake up from facial surgery after doctors try to fix her hideous deformity, later revealing her own face as stunning as Ariana’s.

Zoolander couple

The star stunned in 2017 when she teamed up with her boyfriend at the time, Mac Miller, dressing up as Zoolander’s Murata and Katinka.

Using quotes from the film, she captioned her photographs accordingly, with one reading: “I offer you and your Kmart Jaclyn Smith clothing collection ……. Stay away from Derek Zulander!

With a short fringed wig, she looked like a dream!

Costume Matching with Mac Miller

In 2016, she hit the trifecta, dominating Instagram alongside Mac as they celebrated their first Halloween together.

The first installment saw the couple in outfits from The Matrix as they progressed to Sam and Susie from the Moonrise Kingdom in the second.

Finally, but not least, the pair made their third appearance as Eevee and Pikachu from Pokémon.

They’ve definitely won the spooky season this year!

Halloween Ariana trio

Singer “Thank U, Next” also debuted in 2013 with three outfits, featuring the first “stereotypical 20-year-old girl in the hips and ears of an animal” who, oddly enough, looked exactly as she described.

We can’t miss arguably the sweetest comeback we’ve seen regarding the queen herself.

Ariana Grande and Mac Miller, Zane and Gigi Hadid and other celebrity couples who dressed together for Halloween

Halloween 2017 can officially be called the year of the influential couple, as dynamic duos took to their social media to share their coordinated costumes. Ariana Grande and Mac Miller went on to complete Zoolander as Katinka and Mugatu, while Chance the Rapper and his girlfriend, Kirsten Corley, entered it as Tupac Shakur and Jada Pinkett-Smith.

Grande completed her character by captioning her photo with the famous line from Katinka in the 2001 comedy. “I don’t like a spying reporter with a lack of fashion sense,” Grande wrote. “Not one little piece.”

Ariana Grande & Mac Miller Destroy Halloween Game With These Epic Zoolander Costumes: Photos!

It’s so hot right now! Everyone else can go home because Ariana Grande and her boyfriend Mac Miller just closed Halloween. The couple took off their last couple’s costume, changing into Mugata and Katinka from Zoolander.

The haute couture villains, played by Will Ferrell and Milla Jovovich in 2001, became hit comedy and, in the sequel, 2016, was brainwashed by Derek Zulander (Ben Stiller) in the film.

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